Welcome To Matella Event Concepts

Matella Event Concepts specializes in Event Production, Planning and Communications. Our concept involves but not limited to: Consultation, Budgeting, Stakeholder Management, Planning, Procurement and Vendor Collaboration.

Matella Event Concepts was born out of great passion for event creation and celebrating milestone achievements coupled with the passion for style and design. We produce and manage unique, fabulous, and spectacular events to consistently meet our clients’ goals, needs, and desires.

At Matella, we build a clear idea and/or theme around every event we produce or manage in order to reach and surpass our clients’ expectations.

Matella Event Concepts has created, produced, and managed many successful Social and Corporate events in the past, and we continue to evolve and achieve new milestones with each passing day.

We recognize the immense significance of creating and managing every event uniquely (individual or corporate) and we strive to achieve distinct and excellent results with each event.

We pay great attention to details, organization, and time management; and we can adapt to suit a variety of PR and marketing purposes. With our skills and expertise, we have the capacity to realize every theme and turn our clients’ initial vision into spectacular and memorable occasions, far surpassing their expectations.

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December 29, 2017

Take That Leap, It’s Never Too Late.

Who cares how long it took you to realize your potentials, and who says talents discovered later in life are not as valuable? Michael Jackson may […]

Customer Review

  • Monica Bell-Ekanem

    The Valentine's Day event that was hosted by Matella Concepts was a beautiful event. From having pictures taken on the red carpet to the performance by the dancer. I enjoyed the view from the hall and the DJ had almost every song that was requested. The food was delicious. I can't wait for the next event.

    Monica Bell-Ekanem
  • Ifueko Ebomoyi

    I had fun at the event. The environment was serene, food on point and the Dj knew the right songs to play. In all, great event!

    Ifueko Ebomoyi
  • Debby

    It was a wonderful experience having the matella team plan and organize my parents' wedding anniversary. Their services were impeccable and the attention Ifeoma brought to every detail wowed everyone. She is so organized and nothing eludes her. This lady is a smart worker, we ended up having a party way more fulfilling than we anticipated. Thanks Ifeoma.