Take That Leap, It’s Never Too Late.

    Who cares how long it took you to realize your potentials, and who says talents discovered later in life are not as valuable? Michael Jackson may have started singing at 5, Serena William started playing tennis at 3, and Mark Zuckerberg was a programmer at 12. Absolutely brilliant! So what? Who says success is measured by age or time.

    Martha Stewart made her real success after publishing her first book at age 41, Late Rodney Dangerfield, a comic actor got his first big break at 46, and Harland Sanders was 65 when he founded Kentucky Fried Chicken after being fired from different jobs a dozen times and was perceived as a failure. These are inspiring people too, who found their successes later on in life, and we can celebrate them today because they persevered. They rejected failure and never thought it was too late to take that huge leap.

    There is this African adage that says “Whenever one wakes is the morning for that person” and I agree a 100%. So get those sheets of your feet and stand up strong. It would be a huge failure to die with that idea in your head than it would be if you tried and failed. Whoever said those who made it never failed once or twice? Who said their ideas didn’t seem unachievable at first? Most times, we grow old and rusty with beautiful and brilliant ideas justfor the fear of failure; fear of rejection, and of how other people will judge our efforts. Well just so you know, the biggest failure will be not making any effort at all.

    Successful people are those who kept on trying after they failed. For a positive mind, failing is not the last bus stop. The ride continues. Keep trying even if you fail. Dust yourself up and try again. Rejection is part of life, not the end of it. And age? It’s nothing but a number. Don’t be intimidated by the rising number of brilliant and enterprising millennials. Be the millennial of your time today. Don’t be afraid to fit in the game. Pitch that idea, give it a good shot and you will be surprised where it will land.

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